We are proud to partner with the Erath County United Way organization for many reasons. Perhaps chief among them is how it allows us to network with other United Way efforts and organizations as they work to better the lives of all Erath County citizens. This allows us to refer clients to appropriate services and to assist our fellow United Way organizations as needed.

Also, they have specifically provided new therapy toys and equipment for our work with children and teens. Whether we like it or not, some of our area children and teenagers often suffer from less than ideal circumstances as they grow up. Sometimes they struggle to adapt to a mind that isn’t like everyone else’s, such as when a child has autism or ADHD.

For those children and teens we want to have the right therapy tools to help them cope with such difficult situations. While some commercial toys will help a child/teen, often our therapy toys are designed for the express purpose of helping a child heal. Unfortunately, these toys are often expensive.

Since Compassion makes every effort to keep costs low for our clients, we, sadly, have to say no to some of these toys to meet general operating costs, such as liability insurance, phone service, and office supplies. This is not where we would prefer to spend funds donated to us! But it’s necessary when running a nonprofit counseling center.

Thankfully, Erath County United Way came to our rescue and their support has allowed us to purchase a family of puppets, male and female therapy dolls, better sand tray therapy equipment, and other items that will make it easier for a child to process the events of their life and learn to heal and cope better.

Currently, the United Way is conducting their fundraising campaign. Please consider donating to this worthy organization to not only support Compassion’s clients, but also to help other like-minded organizations that provide vital services to those who cannot do that themselves. Go here to do that right now. Together we make Erath County a great place to call home!

Update (August 20, 2018): Site maintenance has been completed.

The Compassion Counseling Center website will be undergoing maintenance on August 17, 2018, beginning at 10 AM CST.

Our website may experience some down-time during this process. We’ll update this post when maintenance has been completed.

It’s time to celebrate! Last year about this time we had our first Compassion Counseling Center Open House and Pampered Chef Fundraiser. It was so much fun we’re doing it again and this time we’ve added even more fun! There are lots of reasons to participate from 9 am to noon:

  1. Dr. Donald Lane, our Executive Director and former caterer, will be cooking up wonderful breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes in the Oakdale United Methodist Church (2675 Overhill Drive in Stephenville) Fellowship Hall. So come and taste his culinary talent for free!
  2. There will be door prizes given away every 30 minutes!
  3. Get your holiday shopping done for all those foodies on your list and have it shipped directly to them!
  4. Hear about the amazing achievements of Compassion Counseling Center in its first 9 months of operation!
  5. Take tours of the counseling rooms.
  6. Meet our new administrative assistant, Elizabeth Foster!
  7. Try Pampered Chef products for yourself (and let the kids try, too–many PC products are kid-safe!)
  8. 30% of all sales from the Open House will go to support the outreach of Compassion Counseling Center to our area citizens.
  9. $ 13 will be donated to Compassion for every Pampered Chef party booked from the Open House.
  10. 5% of the total sales from a Pampered Chef party (booked via the Open House) will also be donated to Compassion!
  11. If 3 shows are booked from the Open House, Oakdale United Methodist Church will receive a Pampered Chef gift valued at $ 100!

Can’t come on Saturday, October 24th? No problem! Order a product from the online party at the following Facebook link:

While Compassion Counseling Center is pleased to offer play therapy to our younger clients, we, unfortunately, cannot entertain or otherwise supervise minor children while adults and/or parents are in a counseling session. Compassion staff members are often distracted by taking care of other client and building needs and thus, we cannot ensure the safety of our clients’ children, if left unattended.

We strongly recommend that childcare arrangements be made for children while adults are in counseling. This allows adults and parents to concentrate on pertinent counseling issues fully and ensures that children are well cared for during these times. Parents are welcome to bring a friend or family member to the Center to take care of children during this time, if necessary.

It is tempting to want to bring young children into adult sessions, but counseling is usually more successful if young children are not present in the session. This also allows parents the opportunity to discuss mature topics without “young ears” hearing such discussions.

If there is an issue regarding childcare, please let the appropriate counselor or therapist know. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Compassion Counseling Center is honored to train the next generation of mental health professionals. Two of our first counselors-in-training, Chris Allen and Tonya King, have completed their counseling practicums at Compassion and we are privileged to have watched them achieve this major milestone in their careers.

Chris not only helped to lead group premarital counseling this past spring, but spent a lot of time working with couples and families privately. Chris distinguished himself as a counselor who could assist his clients in developing peaceful solutions to their issues.

Likewise, Tonya distinguished herself by working with children and particularly special needs children. She also lead the group premarital counseling class with Chris and often gave her clients useful tips and strategies for positively dealing with their situations.

We wish both of these fine counselors the very best for the future and look forward to seeing how they help their clients throughout their careers.

Compassion Counseling Center, Inc. is pleased, humbled and honored to receive a grant from the Terrell Foundation to support its mission to provide counseling for all who need their services. The Terrell Foundation Board of Directors stated that Compassion may use the funds for whatever purpose it deems necessary in furthering this mission.

Compassion Scheduling and Support Coordinator, MaryAnn R. Arnold, commented, “This is the first grant we have received since beginning operation on January 15, 2015. Since that date we have provided over 338 hours of counseling in our first five months of operation and this award will assist us in keeping our ‘doors’ open for even more counseling in the future.”

Arnold further stated, “Our two primary goals are to never turn someone away for an inability to pay for services and to help educate the next generation of counselors. The Terrell grant means so much more to us than mere financial assistance–it affirms our hope to alleviate stress and difficulty in the lives of those in our community who might not otherwise receive help.”

Compassion does not yet qualify for United Way funding, since United Way requires a full year of operation before it can consider funding requests. Currently, the average cost per session at Compassion is $ 7.24. Those who would like to donate to Compassion may do so online here.

Compassion Counseling Center is excited to announce that we can now accept debit and credit cards when clients have a fee associated with their counseling sessions. Many of our clients pay absolutely nothing (Yes, free!) for their counseling sessions. However, fees are determined by a sliding scale based on household income and size. Thus, clients paying a fee can do so with their Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express debit and/or credit cards.

For more details about this option, go here or call (254) 485-6885. It is our hope that this will make counseling session payments easier to manage for all of our present and future clients.

Beginning on Thursday, April 9th from 6 to 8 pm Compassion Counseling Center will offer FREE premarital counseling group classes at Oakdale United Methodist Church, 2675 Overhill Drive, Stephenville, TX. Completing 4 sessions will permit participants to have their marriage license fee waived.

Childcare is also provided free of charge. Additional optional activities are available for interested couples; some of these options do have a fee. Topics for the required classes will focus on the most common reasons for divorce and are as follows:

Session 1: Commitment/Trust/Infidelity & Knowing Ourselves/Each Other
Session 2: Communication & Conflict Resolution
Session 3: Finances & Family Relationships/Parenting
Session 4: Substance Abuse/Physical Abuse & Sexual Issues

Options include:

1. Attending Session 5 on Faith and Values on Thursday, May 7th at 6 pm. This is a FREE session and will also be at Oakdale United Methodist Church. Signup for this 5th session will be done at the first session on Thursday, April 9th.

2. Scheduling private counseling sessions with a Compassion Counselor. Fees for these sessions are based on a very generous sliding fee scale based on household income/size. Go here to select an appointment time.

3. Asking to be “matched” to a mentor marriage couple. Three married couples from Oakdale United Methodist Church have volunteered to mentor newly married couples for a period of one year after their wedding day. This option is also FREE and mentors will be assigned at the Faith & Values session on Thursday, May 7th.

4. Attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Classes led by Carey Fraser. These classes will begin on Thursday, May 14th at 6:00 pm at Oakdale United Methodist Church and continue for a total of 9 weeks. The price for all of these classes (including a wealth of materials) is only $ 93.00, a savings of 53% off the normal price. Go here to register for this option and to learn more about the topics for each session!

Compassion Counseling Center, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing free/low-cost counseling to all residents in the Central Texas area. We are located inside Oakdale United Methodist Church across the street from Stephenville High School and we offer all kinds of counseling, including, but not limited to: child play therapy, family counseling, individual counseling, teen counseling and couples counseling. We deal with a wide array of counseling issues: physical and sexual abuse recovery; addiction recovery; PTSD, anxiety, depression, infidelity, and anger management, just to name a few. Call 254-485-6885 for more details.

Appointments for Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 will proceed as scheduled. For those with appointments, please allow extra time for traveling and be safe! Questions? Please call 254-485-6885 or email us here.

Compassion Counseling Center personnel will be contact clients to reschedule appointments originally scheduled for today, February 24th, 2015 due to the icy conditions on our area roads. Questions? Please call 254-485-6885. Thank you and stay safe!

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