Compassion Congratulates Two Counselors-in-Training

Compassion Counseling Center is honored to train the next generation of mental health professionals. Two of our first counselors-in-training, Chris Allen and Tonya King, have completed their counseling practicums at Compassion and we are privileged to have watched them achieve this major milestone in their careers.

Chris not only helped to lead group premarital counseling this past spring, but spent a lot of time working with couples and families privately. Chris distinguished himself as a counselor who could assist his clients in developing peaceful solutions to their issues.

Likewise, Tonya distinguished herself by working with children and particularly special needs children. She also lead the group premarital counseling class with Chris and often gave her clients useful tips and strategies for positively dealing with their situations.

We wish both of these fine counselors the very best for the future and look forward to seeing how they help their clients throughout their careers.

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