Fundraising Efforts & Events

Compassion Counseling Center cannot exist without the gracious support of donors like you! Currently, it costs Compassion $ 21.49 to provide an hour of therapy. The average fee a client pays is currently $ 10.22 per hour. Thus, we actively fundraise and apply for grants to offset the difference.

Information from the American Psychological Association indicates that the average fee for therapy in our geographical area is $ 68.89. Thanks to our cost-saving measures and the generosity of others, Compassion offers quality counseling at an affordable cost.

Here’s how you can help us with our financial goals:

1. Donate here..

2. Volunteer to help or lead a fundraiser.

3. Donate office supplies for our office at 2675 Overhill Drive, Stephenville, TX. Please call (254)485-6885 for suggestions of what is needed.

4. Support the United Way’s fundraising campaign. Go here to donate.