Just a Reminder…

While Compassion Counseling Center is pleased to offer play therapy to our younger clients, we, unfortunately, cannot entertain or otherwise supervise minor children while adults and/or parents are in a counseling session. Compassion staff members are often distracted by taking care of other client and building needs and thus, we cannot ensure the safety of our clients’ children, if left unattended.

We strongly recommend that childcare arrangements be made for children while adults are in counseling. This allows adults and parents to concentrate on pertinent counseling issues fully and ensures that children are well cared for during these times. Parents are welcome to bring a friend or family member to the Center to take care of children during this time, if necessary.

It is tempting to want to bring young children into adult sessions, but counseling is usually more successful if young children are not present in the session. This also allows parents the opportunity to discuss mature topics without “young ears” hearing such discussions.

If there is an issue regarding childcare, please let the appropriate counselor or therapist know. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

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