Our Mission

Compassion Counseling Center seeks to assist those who find themselves struggling with mental or emotional issues and areas of concern in their lives. At the same time we recognize the need for quality counselors not only in our immediate area, but for all Texas residents. Thus, we will provide services through students completing their degrees in counseling psychology and other related areas of study. These students have practiced counseling throughout their time in their respective programs and are now ready to actively counsel the general public. Because of their student status they will be closely supervised by practicing psychology professionals throughout their time at Compassion Counseling Center.

Thanks to the generosity of others and to our student, Compassion Counseling Center is able to operate much more economically than other similar agencies. Thus, we may be able to offer our services at no cost to some clients. However, we do need to be able to cover our remaining costs for counseling materials, office supplies, and insurance. As a result we reserve the right to utilize a generous sliding scale for counseling session fees, based on household income ranges.

We will respect the belief system of each client who requests our assistance. We believe that positive change happens best when the client feels that what’s being asked of them fits into their overall view of life.

We firmly believe in the safety of all who come to us for assistance. Thus, we have a very strict policy about how minors and impaired adults will be counseled to ensure that safety. For instance, we will ask a parent or guardian to remain in the building at all times while their child is being counseled.

We will ensure the confidentiality of counseling and only give out information when the client approves it or a court demands such information. We also believe that clients make the most progress when they are fully aware of how counseling works and what’s likely to occur. Thus, we will be transparent about such information with each person we assist.

We look upon counseling as a partnership–a partnership between the counselor and the client or clients. Thus, we want the client to actively engage in setting goals, attending sessions and working on their issues in the real world in as positive a way as they can achieve.