Request a Speaker

Are you responsible for scheduling speakers for your meetings or programs? If so, let Compassion Counseling Center provide a speaker for your organization. Currently, Compassion seeks to simply spread the word about our Center so that all who desire counseling are aware of our services.

And we have big aspirations and hopes for this Center! We would be delighted to share those with you and your organization. We are looking for “Partner Organizations” that can help us fulfill those hopes, as well as individuals who have a heart for this endeavor in our community and county.

We are also happy to address mental health and counseling issues and topics whenever you and your organization desire more information. You are welcome to suggest a topic of interest or we can suggest possible topics.

We request that you give us a month’s notice for a speaker request so that we can arrange client counseling hours around the meeting time or program time you prefer. To request a speaker, go here and give your name, organization, email address, phone number, date and time requested, preferred length of time for the presentation, and the topic you would like us to present.

Thank you for your interest in Compassion!