Terrell Foundation Awards Grant

Compassion Counseling Center, Inc. is pleased, humbled and honored to receive a grant from the Terrell Foundation to support its mission to provide counseling for all who need their services. The Terrell Foundation Board of Directors stated that Compassion may use the funds for whatever purpose it deems necessary in furthering this mission.

Compassion Scheduling and Support Coordinator, MaryAnn R. Arnold, commented, “This is the first grant we have received since beginning operation on January 15, 2015. Since that date we have provided over 338 hours of counseling in our first five months of operation and this award will assist us in keeping our ‘doors’ open for even more counseling in the future.”

Arnold further stated, “Our two primary goals are to never turn someone away for an inability to pay for services and to help educate the next generation of counselors. The Terrell grant means so much more to us than mere financial assistance–it affirms our hope to alleviate stress and difficulty in the lives of those in our community who might not otherwise receive help.”

Compassion does not yet qualify for United Way funding, since United Way requires a full year of operation before it can consider funding requests. Currently, the average cost per session at Compassion is $ 7.24. Those who would like to donate to Compassion may do so online here.

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