Why We Partner with Erath County United Way

We are proud to partner with the Erath County United Way organization for many reasons. Perhaps chief among them is how it allows us to network with other United Way efforts and organizations as they work to better the lives of all Erath County citizens. This allows us to refer clients to appropriate services and to assist our fellow United Way organizations as needed.

Also, they have specifically provided new therapy toys and equipment for our work with children and teens. Whether we like it or not, some of our area children and teenagers often suffer from less than ideal circumstances as they grow up. Sometimes they struggle to adapt to a mind that isn’t like everyone else’s, such as when a child has autism or ADHD.

For those children and teens we want to have the right therapy tools to help them cope with such difficult situations. While some commercial toys will help a child/teen, often our therapy toys are designed for the express purpose of helping a child heal. Unfortunately, these toys are often expensive.

Since Compassion makes every effort to keep costs low for our clients, we, sadly, have to say no to some of these toys to meet general operating costs, such as liability insurance, phone service, and office supplies. This is not where we would prefer to spend funds donated to us! But it’s necessary when running a nonprofit counseling center.

Thankfully, Erath County United Way came to our rescue and their support has allowed us to purchase a family of puppets, male and female therapy dolls, better sand tray therapy equipment, and other items that will make it easier for a child to process the events of their life and learn to heal and cope better.

Currently, the United Way is conducting their fundraising campaign. Please consider donating to this worthy organization to not only support Compassion’s clients, but also to help other like-minded organizations that provide vital services to those who cannot do that themselves. Go here to do that right now. Together we make Erath County a great place to call home!

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